Everything here is included because it truly inspired me, changed me, motivated me, educated & healed me. There are many other books, people and DVDs that have been part of the journey but the books, people and DVDs that created the biggest, most profound shifts in me are below!


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My raw food and lifestyle journey so far have been greatly inspired by:-


  • David Wolfe - world leading health coach, nutritionist, author and inspirational speaker

  • Kate Magic aka Kate Wood author of several books and founder, together with Chris Wood of (an on line shop for all things raw)

  • Gabriel Cousens author of Conscious Eating and Spiritual Nutrition

  • Colin T Campbell author of The China Study

  • Karen Knowler of

  • Max Gerson of The Gerson Institute and founder of The Gerson Cancer Therapy

  • Wayne Dyer author and speaker in the field of self development

  • - covering topics such as food & nutrition, cancer, diabetes, mind and body, detoxing

  • Not forgetting my dog Ellie which is where my raw food journey began!

Books that have truly inspired me to get going and keep going:-


  • Going Raw by Judita Wignall – my very first raw food recipe book

  • Eat Smart, Eat Raw by Kate Wood - recipe book

  • Raw Living by Kate Wood - recipe book

  • Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko - smoothies recipe book

  • The Raw Food Lifestyle by Ruthann Russo

  • Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens - includes recipes

  • Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens - includes recipes


Influential, thought provoking & lifestyle changing DVDs:-


  • Food Matters – James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch - everyone must see this!

  • Hungry for Change

  • Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead – Joe Cross

  • Forks over Knives

  • I Am -Tom Shadyac

  • An Inconvenient Truth - by Al Gore

  • May I be Frank

  • Origins  - an outstanding documentary on how we can better co-exist with nature

Other health transforming resources:-



  • Superfoods:  The Food and Medicine of the Future - David Wolfe

  • Longevity Now: A comprehensive Approach to healthy Hormones, Detoxification, Super Immunity, Reversing Calcification and Total Rejuvenation - David Wolfe

  • The Sunfood Diet Success System - David Wolfe.  This is not a diet book but a lifestyle book incorporating raw foods.

  • The China Study - Colin T Campbell Phd and Thomas M Campbell MD

  • Fasting and Eating for Health - Joel Fuhrman MD

  • Wheatbelly - Dr William Davis

  • Holistic Dental Care by Nadine Artemis

  • The Liver and Gallbladders Miracle Cleanse - Andreas Moritz



DVDs - all available on

  • '10 secrets for success and inner peace' by Dr Wayne W Dyer

  • 'Finding Happiness'

  • 'Simply Raw -Reversing Diabetes in 30 days'

  • 'The Grounded'

  • 'The Shift' by Dr W Wayne Dyer

  • 'Introduction to Permaculture Design' by Geoff Lawton

  • 'Permaculture Soils' by Geoff Lawton

  • 'The Tapping Solution'

  • 'The Gerson Miracle'

  • 'David verses Monsanto' by Bertram Verhaag

  • 'Open Sesame The Story of Seeds' by Sean Kaminsky

  • 'Cafeteria Man' by Tony Geraci

  • 'The Healing Effect Movie'

  • 'That Vitamin Movie' with Dr Andrew Saul


I have a particularly keen interest in prevention, discussions, alternative natural approaches, therapies and true healing stories on cancer. If you do too, then the following are documentaries and websites relating to that:-



The Gerson Miracle

Heal Yourself, Heal the World - examination of The Gerson Therapy by the grandson of the founder, Dr Max Gerson 

Rethinking Cancer

Dying To Have Known 

Burzynski Part 1

Burzynski - Cancer Is A Serious Business Part 2

What Ate My Mum and Will It Eat Me?

Cut, Poison, Burn: In The War On Cancer The Disease Is Only Half The Battle


The Gerson Cancer Therapy

Square One - Chris Wark - Cancer survivor and founder of 'Square One' A Healing Cancer Coaching Program -