my raw lifestyle

Welcome to this page on 'my raw lifestyle'.  I never would have thought I could have transformed my life and health so much but even for me it was possible.  Never would I have imagined sucking oil through my teeth or giving myself a coffee enema (not everyone's cup of tea, or coffee!) but in 2012 I discovered raw food and the raw lifestyle & what turned out to be a deeply hidden treasure into where true health lay for me! Completely & previously unknown information on how to truly transform my health came my way and has been taking me from strength to strength ever since.


Much of this transformation came about via raw food but achieving great health is more than just diet.  For me, it's just one part of my raw lifestyle albeit a pivotal part.  The food is of course fantastic and the most exciting food I have ever eaten.  I'm constantly staggered and in awe about its variety, colours, textures & flavours.  I'm never bored with it. It's so vibrant and vital and this is how it makes me feel - it just sings to me.  Raw food still has it's 'life force', it's healing power, and it transfers that to me via for example:- 

green juices

green smoothies




indoor greens

raw chocolate



chlorophyll juice

But there was oh so much more still to discover that was revealed to me on this journey.  


Indeed, it was the food side of things that opened a hidden doorway that I didn't even realise existed. A doorway to the opportunity for the most transformational health in all areas of my life beyond what I knew or thought was possible.  Meditation, inversion work, grounding, rebounding, fasting and cleansing are examples of how I live my raw food lifestyle.  It has many similiarites with lots of other people travelling similar roads but it's individual to me & evolves as I need it to evolve. 


inversion work





The changes I've experienced:-

more energy

improved digestion

consistent weight

leaner/fitter body

a cleansing and detox

healthier hair, nails & skin

greatly enhanced immunity

a need for less rest/sleep

higher awareness of what I need

a spiritual awakening

more able to deal with life's stresses

better emotional balance

The raw food lifestyle enabled me to take control of my health and grab the reins of my life!