about raw elevations

Raw Elevations is how I promote ways in which we can elevate ourselves to our highest health potential by incorporating as much raw food and as many of the raw food lifestyle principles into our lives as is right for us.

about me

My interest in nutrition & health revealed itself in my early 20s which was back in the late 80s. I was influenced early on by my grandfather, Dr Edwin Miller D.O., one of the earliest osteopath's in the UK, a pioneer, someone way ahead of his time, a vegetarian since birth, who had a keen interest in nutrition, natural healing and all things connected to nature who instilled this in me early on.  I've been pursuing this interest and what later became a passion ever since.

However, it was to be the longest journey imaginable before I really got to the bottom of where true health lay.  


After gaining my Degree in Health Science BSc (Hons) in 2006 at Edinburgh Napier University I became ill.  I had completely burnt out, pushed my boundaries for far too long and was suffering the consequences.  During the years of recovery, my pursuit to restore myself naturally and completely led me to where true health lay.  The road had been long getting to this point but it was the best road imaginable.  I've learnt things one has to dig a long way down to find but I did find them and I've incorporated them into my life and I'm better than ever in all ways, better than I was before. The basis of my findings lay in raw food and the raw food lifestyle i.e. eating a whole foods, plant based, high raw, nutrient rich, organic diet & oh so much more!  I have become deeply passionate about what I do & can't keep this information to myself, it has to be shared and that is my mission!

As with all good things in life, they are only good if you share them!

about my raw food journey

I feel I was always destined to discover the benefits of eating raw food.  It's where most of the nutrition is and unknowingly this was what I had been looking for over many years.  It ultimately led to the greatest life ever, like nothing I could have imagined.  It made sense that good nutrition formed the basis of the greatest health but where was this 'nutrition'?  Turned out not to be where I had been looking but in another direction entirely. Raw Food! Once found, I just instinctively knew this was where my greatest health lay & even if I didn't become 100% raw, I knew I had to include it in my diet.  The calling to do this was overwhelming - in a good way!

When I started eating raw food however, I just couldn't stop.  The more I ate, the more I wanted.  I was hooked!  My body was guiding me as to what to do and for the first time I could feel that.  I was listening and taking the action it needed to heal me.  An extraordinary experience.

Since 2012 I have eaten a whole foods, plant based, organic diet that incorporates a lot of raw food, super foods, super herbs and some healthy clean cooked food.  Whilst living this way I've transformed myself and my partner's health.   We have improved how we live & feel, changed how we think, how we relate to other people, each other and the world around us.  It triggered a renewed romance with 'life'!  We are unrecognisable and so much better and happier for it.  We feel like 'super beings'!  The really exciting thing is not just what we have achieved so far but all that is still to come. Raw food and the lifestyle just keep giving and giving.

"...the true path of the spirit often leads us away from

commonly accepted norms".  Mike George