100g almonds (with or without skin - it won't matter)

500ml of filtered water



Nut milk bag





  1. place the whole almonds in your blender together with all the water.

  2. secure the lid and blend until smooth

  3. empty contents into a nut bag that is sitting in jug or bowl to catch the milk that comes out of it

  4. gently squeeze the nut bag (this takes patience, try not to rush it) until all the liquid has been been squeezed out.


There you have it.  Beautiful, creamy, healthy, delicious nut milk ready to drink or pour over your cereal or fruit or just to gaze at because it's so beautiful you can hardly believe you have just made it! 

And how easy was that.



My favourite nut milk is a mixture of nuts and seeds if you have them around.

For a creamier texture soak the nuts for a couple of hours or overnight before blending.  This has the added bonus of removing the enzyme inhibitors.  Be sure to throw the soak water away & replace with fresh before blending.

For a sweeter taste add a date or two. Medjool dates work well.

Dont forget to wash your blender straight away as it's alot harder later when the remnants have dried on it.




almond milk

almond milk is one of my staples that I eat almost everyday in something, usually my

home made raw superfood cereal.  I also use it to make chia seed pudding or even a hot

chocolate.  Yum!  Just like regular milk, I like to have my nut milk handy.  You can buy ready made of course but nothing comes close to the one you can make at home.